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About the Freetranslation iPhone Web Application

We have launched an application specifically for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. If you use from your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be automatically directed to the translation application specifically built for you.

Freetranslation on the Apple iPhone!
Unique Real Time Translation Technology

The iPhone web application translates your words into the destination language in real-time.

You can translate from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Norwegian and back to English.

Free to all iPhone Users

The iPhone Web Application is free to all iPhone and iPod Touch users. We will develop it in the future as part of our commitment to providing useful and free translation gadgets and tools to the worldwide community through the web site.

Simple to Use

The iPhone Freetranslation application is very easy to use for everyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Simply visit with the Safari browser on your iPhone and start enjoying real-time translations.

Email your translation

Once you have your translation, you can use your iPhone to email it directly to anyone you wish.

Powered by SDL Automated Translation Solutions Technology

The iPhone Web Application is powered by ATS - Automated Translation Solutions from worldwide translation software leader SDL Plc.