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Free Text Translator

Free Text Translator

Give your website visitors the ability to translate text from your own web page, using technology.

Free text translations on your web page or site

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  • Features & Language Support
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Our Free Text Translator enables visitors to your web site to translate any text they type in to be translated into 10 languages.

  • Free text translation from within your webpage or website
  • Enable your visitors to translate for free into 10 languages
  • Great for quick translations of short pieces of text or "gisting" purposes

Supported Languages

  • English to French : French to English
  • English to Italian : Italian to English
  • English to German : German to English
  • English to Spanish : Spanish to English
  • English to Portuguese : Portuguese to English
  • English to Dutch : Dutch to English
  • English to Russian : Russian to English
  • English to Japanese : Japanese to English
  • English to Simplified Chinese
  • English to Traditional Chinese

Get the FREE Code Here

Our free text translator code is available here for you to add to any web page without restriction.

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