About FreeTranslation.com

FreeTranslation.com is wholly owned by SDL, a company providing software and service solutions for language translation purposes including interpretation services. Powered by the leading business Machine Translation engines on the market, FreeTranslation.com is one of the most popular sites of its kind.

FreeTranslation.com allows users to obtain free translations of text, documents, and web pages. The translation is generated by a computer, displayed instantly, and always free.

SDL Language Cloud professional translation service provides access to a range of SDL's core translation and localization services.

FreeTranslation.com also provides mobile applications for iOS and Android devices under the SDL Translate brand. Other machine translation tools, including development integrations, are available on SDL Language Cloud and SDL.io.

SDL Machine Translation - For more about SDL's Machine Translation (MT) solutions, visit the language section on SDL.com

SDL Language Cloud - Visit the SDL Language Cloud for Professional Translation solutions and language integration via the MT API

SDL Translate: A showcase of MT technology language tools and applications developed with the Language Cloud API