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FreeTranslation.com has partnered with Transparent Language to bring together a comprehensive collection of learning resources for people who are learning a language. Specially designed for those learning a language, you will find the BYKI™ 'Word Of the Day', learning cards, language and local culture blogs, survival phrases, online tests, as well as fun online games.

So whether you are learning French, looking for a German blog, searching for Spanish survival phrases or wanting to test your Russian, it's all here.

You can get free express software to help with learning a language, and access to discounts on complete language learning packages. Language learning resources are available if you are learning Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

Plus, don't forget that you can also use FreeTranslation.com to translate words and phrases online from English into these languages, as well as instantly translate many languages into English. Or, use our web page translator to translate your favourite website into your language.

Language learning tools, plus online translation, are currently available for these languages
Chinese Learn Chinese Chinese Translation
Dutch Learn Dutch Dutch Translation
French Learn French French Translation
German Learn German German Translation
Italian Learn Italian Italian Translation
Portuguese Learn Portuguese Portuguese Translation
Russian Learn Russian Russian Translation
Spanish Learn Spanish Spanish Translation

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